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Maryland Annuities Post was created to help the average hard working investor discover the world of annuities and what these types of insurance contracts can do for them. We believe that annuities have their place in the investment world just like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds have their place. Annuities are not for every investor and not suitable for every situation but they are great investments if used correctly.

In the crisis of 2008, we know of many clients of ours that lost a large amount of money that was either in their retirement accounts or in the market in investments relating to mortgage back securities. It almost seemed like everyone that knew what was happening was liquidating their accounts and leaving the average investor out to dry. If you were not paying attention to your account, which most investors do, there was a substantial loss of funds that can never be recovered.

Some clients that thought they could retire have postponed retirement and continued working not knowing if they can ever retire. We feel that there is a looming retirement crisis if there is not a disciplined savings plan that is implemented in every household over these next few years. It is extremely difficult just to make ends meet while being disciplined enough to save money.

Even if you were saving excess funds after all of your obligations were met, there were very few choices that met your investment goals without incurring a huge financial risk. It never seems to end with mounting costs of household goods as well as rising cost of living in most metropolitan areas. We hope you enjoy our website and hope you find out posts informational and impartial about the state of retirement funding in your family planning budget.We hope you seek out other informational sources and find a great site that is also entertaining as well as informative.

by Jack Fleming – Annuity Broker

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